Lorry crashes into divider at Kesas causing jam



KUALA LUMPUR: A lorry that crashed into a divider caused congestion on the Kesas highway.

City Traffic deputy chief Supt Ahmad Adnan Basri said the lorry, which was heading to Klang, also crashed into a car which was heading in the opposite direction at about 11am on Wednesday.

“No one was hurt in the collision,” he said adding that the lorry was not carrying any load when the accident happened.

Pictures of the accident, which were shared on Whatsapp, showed that the impact caused part of the lorry to go over the divider.

Aside from impacting the car, the crash also caused pieces of concrete to break off from the divider and hit a nearby van.

Supt Ahmad Adnan said police managed to control the congestion that followed the crash.

“It was mainly caused by onlookers and lasted less than 40 minutes,” he said.



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